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ICRS offers a flexible, dynamic research consultancy service, which provides the information, the resources and the expertise to make business decisions. We improve our clients understanding of their customers and competitors and enhance their ability to exploit new opportunities. Unlike other consulting companies, we are not content with offering our clients market research services alone; we translate research findings into practical managerial policies.

ICRS has stuck to its commitment of providing a quality consultancy service to our clients which empowers them to make insightful business strategies. We are a small, but flexible consultancy which means our clients have a single dedicated consultancy team working with them at all times which translates to a more effective, personal service.

We’re nimble, responsive, flexible and fast – the way a great consulting firm should be. ICRS has partnered with clients to help them make data- and industry-driven strategic management decisions. We develop our own methodology to help clients understand and leverage their total customer experience. Our customer relationship expertise helps you look across the total relationship with customers to:

  • - develop a blueprint of the total customer experience and understand how well your business model meets customer expectations
  • - understand the interrelated drivers of satisfaction, value, brand, commitment, advocacy, loyalty, and consumer purchase
  • - identify scenarios for performance improvement and the relative ROI of competing strategies
  • - link customer evaluations of the company’s performance with internal operational and financial metrics to provide a complete analysis of effectiveness of current business processes and practices
  • - deploy and take action on customer feedback throughout your organization
  • - tie customer feedback to goals and compensation

We envision a clear roadmap. A focused innovation strategy builds consensus and momentum within the culture and creates a vision for success. We explore and identify targets worth pursuing. Opportunities most likely to succeed are aligned with strategy and grounded in consumer needs and business realities. We inspire a call to action. Business case development and business model creation provide the compelling story and go-to-market approach that speaks to key decision makers.

We work together with you to arrive at an innovation solution that is viable and fits with your strategy. Our approach is transparent and collaborative and that’s the power and the joy of working with us.


Whether you are looking for a dynamic 10-year segmentation that drives your overall organizational strategy, or a static 2-year solution that helps you get the most out of a specific product’s end of life, ICRS delivers the market intelligence you need to effectively target and create viable products for your target audiences.

We deliver comprehensive segmentation schemes that balance and simultaneously address your market intelligence needs, such as:

  • - primary segments versus secondary targets
  • - basis on which target lists, tailored offerings and positioning should be developed
  • - customers who warrant enhanced customer experience management efforts
  • - customers at risk, and what to do to combat that risk
  • - how well does brand promise serves each market segment
  • - new markets most viable in the short- and long-term

Customer feedback is an integral component of customer centricity, as is an understanding of how the customer experience works with internal and market factors to impact your bottom line.

Gathering high quality customer feedback and transforming it into business understanding is ICRS’s specialty. Research provides a focused, deep dive understanding of a specific customer touch point, transaction, event, or product within the total customer experience. Results provide tactical feedback that assists in managing product-specific, day-to-day or event-focused customer needs.

Our full complement of marketing services answers such crucial questions as:

How large is our market? Market sizing
To whom should we target our marketing for a particular product or service? Segmentation analysis
What messages will resonate with our target audience? Positioning and message development
How satisfied are our customers and why? Customer satisfaction research
What is our optimal pricing strategy given competition, market place environment, and target audience? Pricing research
How should we enter the market for maximum impact? Go-to-market plan and budget
How can we generate more and better qualified leads? Lead generation campaign creation
How do we compare to the competition? Competitive analysis
How can we determine what factors better predict sales? Discriminant analysis
What should we name our company/product? Naming
We don’t go to enough trade shows to warrant a full-time employee to manage them (or we go to too many for one person to manage). How can we better manage our events? Event management
With all that we have going on, how can we ensure our external resources deliver to our strategy? Marketing management


Every business needs to innovate, if you don’t believe it just look over your shoulder. For innovation to be successful, it needs to create real value for customers—value that resides in customers’ experience of your product, service or brand.

ICRS develops winning marketing strategies, designs and implements go-to-market plans, creates impactful lead generation campaigns, manages marketing communication projects, and can even serve as an in-house marketing department. We generally deliver flat-fee solutions tailor-made for the needs of your organization. In addition, we also have a full suite of market research and naming services.

Providing business direction goes beyond bar charts and data plots. Your results are put into perspective – so you can see which steps to take next. We utilize a full arsenal of data-mining and analytical tools as a means not the end of analysis. By finding patterns within the context of your company’s business and value proposition, we deliver real recommendations your company can use.

We are thorough. We manage every step of a project from development, deployment, data collection and analysis to a detailed and practical summary of results. We are fast. ICRS provides integrative research services that dig through all the data, find the converging evidence, and paint a holistic picture of what drives your business. The result is stronger performance management feedback and increased confidence in strategic decisions.

Our approach weaves together research and consulting that:

  • - explains the insight gained from business analysis of the market structure, competition, and market trends
  • - illustrates a story of the market, using design thinking and knowledge visualization
  • - maximizes indirect methods of inquiry, especially ethnography, to identify a complete set of unmet consumer needs or benefits in demand
  • - uncovers the core meaningful experiences which the customer seeks
  • - develops design principles based on the benefits in demand

We are analytical institution experienced in a wide variety of technologies and industries, with large and small budgets, and both business and technical target buyers. We have provided marketing and market research services with rewarding results: solid positioning, very clear differentiation, sharp targeting, attention-grabbing launches, some culminating in an acquisition. We have also worked with numerous international organizations looking to expand into or better penetrate the Scandinavian marketplace. If you are looking for high-quality marketing assistance for a project or to outsource some of your marketing activities, we are here to provide it.

About Us

Institute for Consulting, Research and Services was formed in Tallinn, Estonia, at the end of 2008, in the midst of the financial meltdown, which heavily affected the real economies of the Baltic states. We took the opportunity to help clients understand their current and potential new markets, discover unmet needs, and optimize offerings and communications. We developed targeted, well-positioned products and services with clear understanding of their market fit and potential impact. Our clients came out of the crisis stronger, on a solid background to continue growth.

And we are more than happy to share our strength. We bring this knowledge to every assignment, and we add to it daily through what we read, what we hear, what we see and what we experience. Most importantly, we cross reference our knowledge to make it even more valuable.

In the same way, ideas that develop in one environment tend to find applications in others. Ideas travel, and we all get smarter. Chances are we know your market fairly well. But we realize knowledge can have a short shelf life and we are always searching to learn more.

We have sharpened our skills getting companies in trouble off the ground – companies with limited resources who couldn’t afford to make mistakes. Today, that experience could pay off for companies like yours.

Every ICRS assignment is carried out using real-world perspectives honed by industry experience. Projects are managed by professionals who know how business works, what information matters, and how to get it.

We are happy to dive in and help implement marketing plans rather than making the hand-off and sitting on the sidelines. We understand guerrilla marketing and budgets of any size. We can handle all aspects of execution, and can even serve as your outsourced marketing department. Because we frequently execute the strategies we develop, our recommendations are practical and actionable, not just bullet-point advice collection.

Code of Ethics

ICRS is committed to ethical professional conduct. We are subscribing to this Code of Ethics embracing the following topics:


We accept responsibility for the consequences of our activities and make every effort to ensure that our decisions, recommendations and actions function to identify, serve and satisfy all relevant publics: customers, organizations and society.

Our professional conduct is guided by:

  1. The basic rule of professional ethics: not knowingly to do harm;
  2. The adherence to all applicable laws and regulations;
  3. The accurate representation of our education, training and experience.

Honesty and Fairness

We uphold and advance the integrity, honor and dignity of the profession by:

  1. Being honest in serving consumers, clients, employees, suppliers, distributors and the public;
  2. Not knowingly participating in conflict of interest without prior notice to all parties involved; and
  3. Establishing equitable fee schedules including the payment or receipt of usual, customary and/or legal compensation for services rendered.

Our clients are assured that

  1. Products and services offered are safe and fit for their intended uses;
  2. Communications about offered products and services are not deceptive;
  3. All parties intend to discharge their obligations, financial and otherwise, in good faith; and
  4. Appropriate internal methods exist for equitable adjustment and/or redress of grievances concerning purchases.

Organizational Relationships

ICRS is aware of how our behavior may influence or impact the behavior of others in organizational relationships. We do not demand, encourage or apply coercion to obtain unethical behavior in our relationships with others, such as employees, suppliers, or customers.

  1. Apply confidentiality and anonymity in professional relationships with regard to privileged information;
  2. Meet their obligations and responsibilities in contracts and mutual agreements in a timely manner;
  3. Avoid manipulation to take advantage of situations to maximize personal welfare in a way that unfairly deprives or damages the organization of others.


Information collected from customers is confidential and used only for expressed purposes. All data, especially confidential customer data, is safeguarded against unauthorized access.


Information obtained from the customers is properly authorized and documented. Information ownership is safeguarded and respected.

The above includes, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities of ICRS:

In the area of product development and management:

  • - disclosure of all substantial risks associated with product or service usage;
  • - identification of any product component substitution that might materially change the product or impact on the buyer’s purchase decision;
  • - identification of extra cost-added features.

In the area of promotions:

  • - avoidance of false and misleading advertising;
  • - rejection of high-pressure manipulations, or misleading sales tactics;
  • - avoidance of sales promotions that use deception or manipulations.

In the area of distribution:

  • - not manipulating the availability of a product for the purpose of exploitation;
  • - not using coercion in the marketing channel;
  • - not exerting undue influence over the reseller’s choice to handle a product.

In the area of pricing:

  • - not engaging in price fixing;
  • - not practicing predatory pricing;
  • - disclosing the full price associated with any purchase.

In the area of marketing research:

  • - prohibiting selling or fundraising under the guise of conducting research;
  • - maintaining research integrity by avoiding misrepresentation and omission of pertinent research data;
  • - treating outside client and suppliers fairly.


Call any time. Visit when you can.

Visiting and postal address:

Tornimäe 5
Tallinn 10145

If you have a potential project you like to discuss, contact us at office@icrs.ee. Also for marketing and PR related inquiries, please use office@icrs.ee.

We are open to partnerships/cooperation with other marketing/market research companies.